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The range of potential implementations of the basic techniques discussed in this chapter and subsequent ones is quite remarkable. Each depends on features of the specific application, available hardware, etc.: \item using a massively parallel super computer of the mid-1980s to provide current news to financial analysts [REF378] ; \item searching for file names as part of the MacOS Finder on a single personal computer, then being extended to support file \defn{content} searching as part of the MacOS Sherlock utility;

SMART is a classic software suite designed to support experimentation into basic IR techniques (see Section §3.4.3 for more details);

providing a generic utility for Managing Gigabytes (MG) for example building an index for a CD-ROM or DVD.

making all of the pages on a WWW server searchable via Web Server Search Tools or Information filtering tools

Design decisions depend on features such as corpus size, available memory, queryr response time, etc. Two implementations have been developed to acocmpany this textbook, an earlier one in C and a more recent one in Java; see FOA website for details.


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