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Changing indices for dynamic corpora

One reason to keep raw frequency counts in the inverted keyword file used by our experimental implementation is that this provides maximum flexibility as we consider various keyword weighting schemes. But there is another reason that these raw statistics are useful in real applications, too.

Often it is important to be able to {update} a corpus' index as documents are added and/or deleted to and from it. Retention of raw keyword frequency information allows these statistics to be updated as our corpus changes. Adding a new document simply requires that it be analyzed (as outlined above), simply incrementing existing counters for each key word. is used, however, incremental addition of document postings is slightly more awkward.} Similarly, deletion of documents from an index exploits the full text of the document itself to identify all keywords it contains. For each keyword then, posting counts are simply decremented. {The optimized{\tt fpost} data structure makes this update awkward as well.}

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