Artificial Life VI

TRURL: Artificial World for Social Interaction Studies

Takao Terano
Grad. Sch. Systems Management, Tsukuba University

Setsuya Kurahashi
Grad. Sch. Systems Management, Tsukuba University

Ushio Minami
Grad. Sch. Systems Management, Tsukuba University


TRURL is a simulation environment, which evolves artificial worlds of multi-agents to socially interact with each other. The micro-level agent activities are determined by both predetermined and acquired parameters. The former parameters have constant values during one simulation cycle, however, the latter parameters change during the interactions. Unlike conventional artificial society models, TRURL utilizes Genetic Algorithms to evolve the societies by changing the predetermined parameters to optimize macro-level socio-metric measures, which can be observed in such real societies as e-mail oriented organizations and electronic commerce markets. Thus, using TRURL, we automatically tune the parameters up and observe both micro- and macro-level phenomena grounded in the activities of real worlds. This paper first describes basic principles, architecture, and mechanisms of TRURL. Then, to investigate the features of Face-to-Face, E-Mail, Net-News, and Mass-Communication oriented societies, we have carried out intensive experiments. The results have suggested that features of evolved agents characterize each society.

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