Artificial Life VI

Simulation of Drosophila Embryogenesis

Shugo Hamahashi
Dept. of Computer Science, Keio University

Hiroaki Kitano
Sony CSL


Drosophila is one of the most well investigated animal in molecular and developmental biology. However, the process of the embryogenesis is still complex phenomena in biological studies. Due to the hight level of its complexity, it is almost impossible to understand intuitively what is going on through its embryogenesis. In this paper, we replicated the system of Drosophila's embryogenesis on X-Window. The system successfully reproduced the patterns of gene expressions comparing with actual staining patterns of Drosophila's embryo. In this system, we used genetic algorithm to determine the parameter set for the development of Drosophila's early segmentation. As the result of the simulation, we found that some phenomena taking place in Drosophila's early embryogenesis are understandable. We propose that computer simulation would become a novel method for biological experiments in biology.

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