Artificial Life VI

Reconstruction of Extinct Animals in the Computer

Yoshiyuki Usami
Institute of Physics, Kanagawa University

Hirano Saburo
Department of Industrial Engineering, Kanagawa University

Satoshi Inaha
Kanagawa University

Masatoshi Kitaoka
Department of Industrial Engineering, Kanagawa University


We report on our trial of reconstructing extinct animals in computer. Cambrian explosion is known as the event that various body-form appeared during short period in a geological sense. A biggest predator called "Anomalocaris" having series of lateral flaps and the other curious animals swimed in the ancient sea of 530 million years ago. We study their behavior based on theoretical framework. 3D virtual model of extinct animals is constructed in graphics computer and their possible behavior is calculated by simple hydrodynamics and evolutionary computation approach. As a result we show that Anomalocaris might swim by waving their flaps just like stingray. The goal of our work is to reconstruct extinct animals in computer, namely, we are making interactive system in which 3D model of extinct animal will react to us by processing visual input in real time.

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