Artificial Life VI

A Method to Reconstruct Gene Expression Pattern in the Development of Drosophila's Eye

Mineo Morohashi
Keio University, Dept. of Computer Science

Hiroaki Kitano
Sony Computer Science Laboratory


Our project aims at proposing a new approach of investigating unknown genetic cascade exploiting the power of computer simulation. Based on biological knowledge accumulated so far, we have developed a computer simulation system which simulates the fundamental genes expression involved in the development of {\em Drosophila}'s eye. The {\em Drosophila}'s eye has proven an especially useful moedl system for examining cell fate induction. In the first version of the simulator, the interaction within about 10 genes has been simulated. Each gene expression pattern has been described on a plane emulating the {\em Drosophila}'s eye. The eye on the simulation is composed of about 5,000 cells arranged as ellipse, and the expression pattern can be observed by coloring the each cell according to expression level of genes. The simulator enables us to create virtual knock-out of desired combination of genes.

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