I Love Teaching

I have worked as a graduate teaching assistant for numerous courses in algorithms and bioinformatics. In order to experience teaching in its full capacity all the way from developing a course to designing assignments to fully interacting with students, I made extra efforts and took the opportunity that UCSD offers graduate students to become a full instructor in courses offered during the summer quarter. I taught undergraduate course in discrete mathematics last summer and this summer. I enjoyed teaching tremendously. Should opportunity arises, I would love to further broaden my teaching experience.


CSE20 Discrete Mathematics: Summer 2010, Summer 2011

Teaching Assistant Mentor

CSE599 Teaching Methods in Computer Science: Fall 2010

Graduate Teaching Assistant

CSE20 Discrete Mathematics
CSE21 Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems
CSE101 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSE130 Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms
CSE181 Molecular Sequence Analysis
CSE182 Biological Databases