Panagiotis Voulgaris 

I really like playing music. I am a intermediate pianist (I started with classical, and finally I indulged in blues and rock) and beginner guitar player (I can strum a bunch of chords). I used to be a member of the NTUA choir and the NTUA percussion group.

Since I came to San Diego I “struggled” to learn dancing Salsa and Tango. If you like Salsa, are in UCSD and want to have fun: UCSD rueda group.

Whenever I find the time I like swimming, yoga, biking, and walking around exploring cities, forests etc.. I also value the company of a good book.

I am an intermediate Foosball player. Although I was trained by the masters of the game: Vasileios Kontorinis and Petros Mol, I could never seriously challenge their abilities.