Bioinformatics for Biologists

Welcome to the Bioinformatics for Biologists textbook project. Bioinformatics has transformed the practice of biology but has not yet been widely integrated into undergraduate curricula. Therefore, the goal of this textbook is to respond to the demands of a changing research world by providing a vital resource for the education of undergraduate biology students in bioinformatics.

As bioinformatics is not a traditional biological field, this is not a traditional text. In order to reflect the growing modularity of biology, each chapter has been authored by a different leading researcher from the worldwide bioinformatics community. The subject matter of the text is equally diverse, as each chapter uses a common biological example to motivate a single topic from a wide array of bioinformatics problems.

On this website, you can find not only all the usual information about the textbook, but we also provide chapter abstracts and a brief excerpt. Furthermore, we will post lecture slides and video lectures as they become available.

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Bioinformatics for Biologists is an expanding project. The first edition will be published by Cambridge University Press in spring 2011. We welcome contributors to submit ideas for new chapters to the editors for future editions.

This textbook project has been graciously supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.