Viewing images from the MELVYL/IEEE articles server

First, authorize melvyl to display images on your machine,
xhost +
Start melvyl as usual from any machine, and then enter
Change to database (inspec), and to obtain only articles that
have on-line images, after/during the search append
"AND ARTICLE IMAGE" (f au deering s and article image)
To display use "D nnn IMAGE" (d 3 image)

The first time you use these features you have to enter a user
name and an identification key (password) that is displayed
on the screen, and then answer some survey questions. The next
time you are using these features, you will be asked to enter the
user name and key only.

If the machine you are using to access melvyl is not the one you
are displaying graphics on (i.e. the one you used xhost + from), you will have to also enter:
SET XDISPLAY machine:0.0 (set xdisplay;
this is analogous to the setenv DISPLAY machine:0.0 for
normal X connections.

George X.