• [discussion date: 96.01.29]
    Biagioni, E.; Cooper, E.; Sansom, R.; "Designing a practical ATM LAN," IEEE Network, March 1993, vol.7, (no.2):32-9.
    Abstract. (AT: UCSD S & E TK 1 I1046 Current Journals Bound in Stacks)

  • [discussion dates: 96.02.05 (sect. 1-8), 96.02.07 (sect. 9-14)]
    Karlsson, G.; "Asynchronous Transfer of Video," SICS Research Report R95:14, Kista, Sweden, 1995.
    Abstract. Full paper available for a-ftp as compressed PostScript (30 pages, 104 references).

  • [discussion date: 96.02.12]
    "The Multimedia Multicasting Problem," UCSD/CSE TR CS93-313 (updated), February 1996. Postscript. HTML.
    Original version of CS93-313.

  • [discussion date: 96.02.26]
    Ch. 11 from the text.

  • [discussion date: 96.02.28]
    Hong, D.; Suda, T. "Congestion control and prevention in ATM networks," IEEE Network, July 1991, vol.5, (no.4):10-16.

  • [discussion date: 96.03.06]
    We decided to discuss in class the following two:

    Padgett, J.E.; Gunther, C.G.; Hattori, T. "Overview of wireless personal communications," IEEE Communications Magazine, Jan. 1995, vol.33, (no.1):28-41.

    Mohan, S.; Jain, R. "Two user location strategies for personal communications services," IEEE Personal Communications, 1994, vol.1, (no.1):42-50.

    If you are interested, please read:
    Viterbi, A.J. "The orthogonal-random waveform dichotomy for digital mobile personal communi cation," IEEE Personal Communications, 1994, vol.1, (no.1):18-24. (Not required for final.)

  • [discussion dates: cw96.03.11-13]
    Hui Zhang, "Service disciplines for guaranteed performance service in packet-switching networks," Proceedings of the IEEE, Oct. 1995, vol.83, (no.10):1374-96. (AT: UCSD S&E TK 1 I105)
    Plus, Ch. 12 from the text.