[Ryan Huang]
Peng Huang (Ryan)

PhD student
Dept. Computer Science and Engineering
University Of California, San Diego

Email: csmail
Phone: +1 (858) 633-7261
Office: EBU3B 3144


I am a n-th1 year Ph.D. student from the System and Networking Group in CSE Department, UC San Diego. My advisor is Prof. Yuanyuan Zhou. I received my B.S in computer science from Peking University during 2006-2010 and B.A. in economics from National School of Development in the meantime. My research interests lie broadly in (computer and mobile) systems, specializing in system performance and reliability. While fighting bugs is what I'm frequently doing, that's only part of the whole picture: taming the wild, hardening the fragile, fixing the broken and ultimately making systems operate as reliably and efficiently as possible are what really fascinate me. When I don't hack around, I like hiking around.





1n = 1 + map(lambda x : date.today() > date(2011 + x[0], 9, x[1]), enumerate([19, 24, 23, 29, 21, 19])).index(False)    
# Based on UCSD academic calendars; Assume I will graduate before 2016/09/19.