About Me

I am currently on the job market. I am interested in positions with a strong research focus in a collaborative environment. Feel free to contact me with questions!

I will be spending the summer of 2016 as a technical intern with the CASC group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

I am a PhD student of Computer Science at UCSD. My research focus is in applying graph algorithms with strong theoretical foundations to problems for large-scale networks that occur in real world applications. In particular, I am interested in designing algorithms for garnering local and global information from massive graphs with considerable memory constraints. I am advised by Fan Chung Graham.

I occasionally contribute to the ACM student blog, XRDS, focusing on ideas and results in theoretical computer science. A complete archive of my posts can be found here.

When I'm not thinking about graphs (and even sometimes when I am), I may be found on the dance floor. I'm happiest when the music is Lindy Hop friendly.


6/19/2016 My paper with Julian McAuley was accepted to the MLG Workshop at KDD. I will be presenting at the poster session.
5/17/2016 Our paper, Computing Heat Kernel Pagerank and a Local Clustering Algorithm was accepted to the European Journal of Combinatorics.
4/7/2016 Happy to announce that I will be working as an intern with the CASC group at LLNL!
1/4/2016 I will be a TA for CSE 150: Artificial Intelligence for the winter quarter.
9/21/2015 I will be a TA for CSE 101: Algorithms for the fall quarter.
8/9/2015 My paper with C. Seshadhri and Andrew McGregor on a streaming algorithm for estimating degree distribution was accepted to ICDM :)
7/20/2015 I will be presenting at the poster session at the Mathematics in Data Science workshop at ICERM.
6/1/2015 I passed my thesis proposal and am now a PhD candidate!
5/6/2015 I am excited to be participating in the Gene Golub SIAM Summer School (G2S3) in Delphi, Greece from June 15-26. The summer school this year is focused on randomization in numerical linear algebra (RandNLA).
3/12/2015 I will be attending SIAM CSE in Salt Lake City from March 14-March 18. I will be presenting a poster entitled Computing the Heat Kernel of a Graph for a Local Clustering Algorithm
3/6/2015 I will be a TA for CSE 202: Algorithm Design and Analysis during the Spring'15 quarter.
1/15/2015 Our paper, Solving Local Linear Systems with Boundary Conditions Using Heat Kernel Pagerank was accepted to Internet Mathematics.