Nakul Verma

verman [at]

Research Specialist
Office: 3C.160.7
Janelia Research Campus, HHMI





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I am a Research Specialist at Janelia Research Campus HHMI, a center for conducting fundamental research in basic sciences, where I am developing statistical techniques to help biologists quantitatively analyze behavioral phenotypes in model organisms and better understand the underlying neuroscience and genetic principles. Previously, I worked at Amazon as a Research Scientist developing risk assessment models for real-time fraud detection. I received my PhD in Computer Science from UC San Diego specializing in Machine Learning.

Here is a copy of my CV.

Research Interests

I enjoy working on various aspects of machine learning problems and high-dimensional statistics. I am especially interested in understanding and exploiting the intrinsic structure in data (eg. manifold or sparse structure) to design effective learning algorithms. Here is a (somewhat outdated) copy of my research statement for more details.













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