Manoj Mardithaya
Masters Student @ UCSD since Fall 2011

I'm a 'systems-y' person, so exploring design spaces is what I love to do. This applies to both the code and the fiction I write. My [coding] side projects all tend to be about interaction design spaces, from development frameworks and OS internal APIs to UI across devices and inter-application interactions. A few are being actively worked on, but most are unfortunately in various states of disarray.

Currently, I'm working under Prof. Steve Swanson, trying to come up with a better filesystem layer for fast non-volatile memory.

I like to mentor, and I'm always willing to talk about mentoring programs & opportunities. As an undergrad senior, I taught part of a Computer Graphics course for sophomores. I TA'd an upper div course @ UCSD. Since June 2012, I am running a research mentoring program peering NITK alumni to undergrads.

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