Michael Walter

University of California, San Diego
Computer Science & Engineering Department
9500 Gilman Drive, Mail code 0404. La Jolla, CA 92093-5004, USA
E-mail: miwalter at eng.ucsd.edu, I would appreciate it if you use my public key whenever you send me an email.

I am a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego in the Computer Science & Engineering Department. My advisor is Daniele Micciancio. Currently I am interested in

I studied Computer Science at the Technische Universität Darmstadt and graduated with a Bachelor's (2009) and a Master's degree (2012). The title of my Master thesis was Algebraic methods in analyzing lightweight cryptographic symmetric primitives and the one of my Bachelor thesis Implementation and Evaluation of a gradient-based method for 3D Model Retrieval. Both theses lead to publications at conferences (see below).


Algebraic Cryptanalysis



3D Model Retrieval