Uniform Generation of NP-witnesses using an NP-oracle

Authors: M. Bellare, O. Goldreich and E. Petrank

Abstract: A Uniform Generation procedure for NP is an algorithm which given any input in a fixed NP-language, outputs a uniformly distributed NP-witness for membership of the input in the language. We present a Uniform Generation procedure for NP that runs in probabilistic polynomial-time with an NP-oracle. This improves upon results of Jerrum, Valiant and Vazirani, which either require a Sigma^P_2 oracle or obtain only almost uniform generation. Our procedure utilizes ideas originating in the works of Sipser, Stockmeyer, and Jerrum, Valiant and Vazirani.

Ref: TR 98-032, Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity, June 1998. Paper available below.

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