A Concrete Security Treatment of Symmetric Encryption: Analysis of the DES Modes of Operation

Authors: M. Bellare, A. Desai, E. Jokipii and P. Rogaway

Abstract: We study notions of security and schemes for symmetric (ie.~private key) encryption in a concrete security framework. We give several different notions of security and analyze the concrete complexity of reductions among them. Next we provide concrete security analyses of various methods of encrypting using a block cipher, including two of the most popular methods, Cipher Block Chaining and Counter Mode. We establish tight bounds (meaning matching upper bounds and attacks) on the success of adversaries as a function of their resources.

Ref: Extended abstract, entitled ``A concrete security treatment of symmetric encryption,'' was in Proceedings of 38th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, IEEE, 1997. Full paper available below.

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