CSE 207: Modern Cryptography

Instructor: Mihir Bellare

TA: Igors Stepanovs

Lectures: M and W, 9:30AM--10:50AM in EBU3B 2154.

Instructor Office hour: Tu 2-3, EBU3B 4244.

TA Office hour: F 11:00-12:00, EBU3B B215.

Course Information: pdf

Piazza: Being on Piazza is mandatory since updates and announcements will be made here. If you drop the class please get off Piazza.

Gradesource: Here you can find your scores and course statistics. Your secret numbers will be e-mailed to you individually.

Affirmation: Read the above course information document. Then sign this and return it to me in class by the indicated due date.