CSE 200: Computability and Complexity

Instructor: Mihir Bellare

Office: Room 4244, EBU3B

Lectures: M and W, 9:30AM--10:50AM in EBU3B 2154.

Office Hour: F 9AM-10AM. If that does not work for you, send me email to schedule an appointment.

TA: Alexander Tsiatas

TA Office hour: Tu 10:30-12 in EBU3B 4232.

Text: Michael Sipser. Introduction to the Theory of Computation. 2nd edition, 2005.

Midterm Exam: Wenesday February 2, same time and place as lecture.
Final Exam: Wednesday March 16, 8-11AM, in lecture room.

Course Information: pdf

Gradesource: You can get your scores as well as statistics from Gradesource . You will at some point receive by email a 4-digit PIN to identify yourself in the list.

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