CSE 107: Quizzes and Exams

Your scores, as well as statistical information (average, standard deviation, rankings), are available via gradesource . Your secret numbers will be emailed to you using the email addresses provided in blink.

Below we show a rough correspondence of scores to grades on each quiz, to give you a rough indication of how you are doing. In intepreting this, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Quiz 1

Score Range Grade
80-100 A
60-79 B
40-59 C
35-39 D
0-34 F

Graders: Problem 1: Mihir ; Problem 2: Joseph ; Problem 3: Julia and Lucy

Quiz 2

Score Range Grade
78-100 A
56-77 B
39-55 C
33-38 D
0-32 F

Graders: Problem 1: Mihir ; Problem 2: Julia and Lucy ; Problem 3: Joseph