Current Projects

BluSteele Ray-Tracer
with Jason Greco and Bridgette Wiley
for CSE 168: Rendering Algorithms
taught by: Prof. Henrik Wann Jensen

We received 2nd Place in the rendering competition!
Check out our final rending page here

  • ray-sphere and ray-triangle intersections
  • baricentric normal interpolation
  • lambertian shading
  • specular reflections
  • specular refraction
  • phong shading
  • procedurally generated stone texture with bump mapping
  • some parallelization
  • HDR environment mapping
  • soft shadows
  • SSE square root -> 10% speedup
  • bounding volume hierarchy, using surface area heuristics -> >100x speedup
  • SSE bounding box intersections -> 25% speedup
  • area lights and soft shadows
  • path tracing
  • anti-aliasing
  • depth of field
  • spectral dispersion
  • written in C++ using the miro code base
spectral spiderweb rendering


cornell box
Kinect Mapping Project
with the Immersive Visualization Lab at Calit2
Advisor: Dr. Jurgen Schulze

We are currently exploring techniques for producing textured 3D maps in real time using an XBox Kinect.

Old Stuff

Simple Ray-Tracer
  • ray-sphere intersections
  • lambertian shading
  • soft shadows
  • written in python
soft shadows
Particle Fountain
  • constant streams of water droplet particles
  • runs in realtime
  • motion blur is achieved by elongating faster water droplets
  • droplets fade away as they age
  • droplets splash as they hit the water surface
  • written in python and OpenGL

Download a short clip of the fountain in action.