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The uniqueness, of Indian culture lies in the value it sets on higher things, things relating to the inner dimensions. It does not however neglect material concerns, it has made headway even in those directions. But it has looked upon material comforts only as means to an end; it has never allowed these concerns to overshadow the higher and the more permanent aspects of a human being. Though for several centuries, India or Bharat generally lacked enduring political unity, this was more than counterbalanced by an all-pervasive cultural uniformity that prevailed throughout the land.

The Sanskrit language is an integral part of Indian culture and is a language that is many mllenia old. Vedic Sanskrit is the most ancient form of the language that was spoken by the Indo-Aryans when they entered India. This language is an early precursor to the classical Sanskrit that was codified by Panini. Vedic Sanskrit is primarily represented by its many verb-forms, as well as by a difference of vocabulary and phonetics. The word Vedic derives from the word Veda, which means knowledge. These were the hymns that contained the way of life of the Aryans, in verse form.The oldest portions of these, the Mantra or Samhita of each, contain hymns and proverbs.

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