Latest News

  • [Feb. 2017] Feel free to check out this mini-project: Who Will Win at the Academy Awawrds? Hope you will have fun :)
  • [Jan. 2017] I received the 2017 Microsoft PhD Fellowship.
  • [Dec. 2016] Paper with Di, Matt Goldman, Matt Taddy, Justin, Jie, Dimitrios and Julian accepted to WWW 2017.
  • [Nov. 2016] Received the ICDM 2016 Student Travel Award.
  • [Sept. 2016] Paper with Julian accepted to ICDM 2016.
  • Research

    Conference Paper

  • [ WWW 2017 ]
    Mengting Wan, Di Wang, Matt Goldman, Matt Taddy, Justin Rao, Jie Liu, Dimitrios Lymberopoulos, Julian McAuley, "Modeling Consumer Preferences and Price Sensitivities from Large-Scale Grocery Shopping Transaction Logs", in Proc. of 2017 International World Wide Web Conference (WWW'17), Perth, Australia, Apr. 2017 (to appear)
    [ paper ]

  • [ ICDM 2016 ]
    Mengting Wan, Julian McAuley, "Modeling Ambiguity, Subjectivity, and Diverging Viewpoints in Opinion Question Answering Systems", in Proc. of 2016 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'16), Barcelona, Spain, Dec. 2016
    [ paper ] [ data ] [ slides ]

  • [ KDD 2016 ]
    Mengting Wan, Xiangyu Chen, Lance Kaplan, Jiawei Han, Jing Gao, Bo Zhao, "From Truth Discovery to Trustworthy Opinion Discovery: An Uncertainty-Aware Quantitative Modeling Approach", in Proc. of 2016 ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD'16), San Francisco, CA, USA, Aug. 2016
    [ paper ] [ poster ] [ code ]

  • [ SDM 2015 ]
    Mengting Wan, Yunbo Ouyang, Lance Kaplan, Jiawei Han, "Graph Regularized Meta-path Based Transductive Regression in Heterogeneous Information Network", in Proc. of 2015 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM'15), Vancouver, Canada, Apr. 2015.
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  • Miscellaneous

  • My official Chinese name: 万梦婷 (simplified) / 萬夢婷 (traditional). I was born in Yinchuan, a small but beautiful city, which is in the northwest of China, at the foot of Helan Mountains and by the Yellow River.
  • [INTERESTS] Drawing; Table Tennis.