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Really simple, windows only, use the default gui, tested on cubase vst 5.1 under windows XP


To install, just download the dll file and put it directly in your vst plugins folder.

Note: L2C was specifically meant to address a reported problem where mono-only plugins in cubase used on stereo tracks would create an output where the left side was processed and the right side was passed through unaffected. If you were using mixing software where you don't have a separate pan control for each half of a stereo pair, you would be unable to re-center your effected signal. A request was made for a simple plugin that would dup the left over to the right (throwing away the existing audio on the right), so you could mono-process a stereo track and end up with a centered, effected signal.

Depending on the left/right material, it may be better to use a MonoIze before the mono plugin (that way you don't lose the audio material on the right side) and then either another MonoIze or an L2C after the mono plugin just to center everything again.

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