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edX Micro Masters
MicroMasters in Data Science
This MicroMasters program teaches learners about basics of data science using python and Jupyter notebooks, statistics, machine learning, and conducting data-science at scale.
Course 1 - Python for Data Science - Taught by Ilkay Altintas and Leo Porter
Course 2 - Probability and Statistics in Data Science using Python - Taught by Alon Orlitsky and Yoav Freund
Course 3 - Machine Learning Fundamentals - Taught by Sanjoy Dasgupta
Course 4 - Big Data Analytics using Spark - Taught by Yoav Freund
Coursera Specialization
Object Oriented Java Programming: Data Structures and Beyond
This specialization allows learners to go beyond what they've learned in introductory courses by learning: object oriented design, basic and advanced data structures, algorithm analysis, testing, how to succeed in a software engineering interview, and more. All the learning takes place in the context of compelling real-world projects.
Co-taught with Christine Alvarado and Mia Minnes.
Course 1 - Object Oriented Programming in Java
Course 2 - Data Structures and Performance
Course 3 - Advanced Data Structures in Java
Course 4 - Mastering the Software Engineering Interview
Course 5 - Capstone: Analyzing (Social) Network Data
Coursera Specialization
Object Oriented Programming in Java
This specialization is a collaboration between UC San Diego and Duke University which combines Duke's excellent courses which introduce programmers to Java with UC San Diego's follow-on courses where learners dive into object-oriented program design and data structures.
Course 1 - Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software - Duke University
Course 2 - Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data - Duke University
Course 3 - Object Oriented Programming in Java - UC San Diego
Course 4 - Data Structures and Performance-UC San Diego