While the continuous flow of biological data has been the main force for the development of bioinformatics for the last decade, it is causing a new crisis in modern bioinformatics education. Overwhelmed with biological data, bioinformatics students nowadays find it very challenging to describe a bioinformatics problem in rigorous computational language, and therefore cannot communicate their challenges to computer scientists or mathematicians, but limit only to the people who understand their biological domains. I was privileged to join the effort with Pavel Pevzner and Phillip Compeau to teach the first Coursera course in Bioinformatics (with 200.000 students registered). This course covers computational problems that are important in modern Biology, and at the same time, teaches students how to formulate biological problems into well-defined computational problems.

Genomes Assembly

Son Pham and Pavel Pevzner

Read Mapping

Son Pham and Phillip Compeau

My friends Nikolay Vyahhi and Phillip Compeau founded the Rosalind Platform. It’s a must website for students who wants to practice their bioinformatics algorithm coding skills.