I am a freelance software consultant, and I enjoy working on projects in medical/health, Internet of Things, and education. I also occasionally give advice related to careers, early stage companies, and graduate school. For more details about my work and education history please visit my Linkedin profile. For more details about my research history, please visit my Google Scholar profile.


Education is a life-long process that doesn't end with formal schooling. I volunteer at LearnXYZ as a content coordinator, figuring out what video content is best learned visually through short videos. If you have come across a video on YouTube that you found particularly useful, feel free to create an account or send it to me and I can add it on your behalf.

I really enjoyed my time at UC Berkeley. Having grown up in suburbia, I appreciated the urban culture and diversity of the campus. I try to help out with south bay activities when possible, particularly with scholarship interviews. (UC San Diego also has an excellent campus, but it has a more suburban feel.)

Eveyday life can be complex and stressful, and it's easy to get caught up in the madness if you're not careful. For a while, I've been using a Zen method of philosophy to manage it, but I've only recently explored it formally. I try to regularly frequent Kannon Do Zen Meditation Center to "cool off" and regain focus. They have a friendly and diverse sangha and are more oriented toward Zen principles in modern life (as opposed to being a monk).

I was formerly a volunteer at the El Camino Hospital Auxiliary where I supervised high school students with their volunteer tasks. Too be honest though, I had a fantastic set of students from local high schools that really didn't need supervision. I also helped organize a mystery shopper scenario to evaluate the service quality of volunteers, and I'm glad to report that most of the high school volunteers received very high marks.


I enjoy teaching because you always learn something new in the process. I have been a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses at UC San Diego with classes for both CSE majors (Operating Systems, Computer Organization and Systems Programming) and non-CSE majors (Fluency with Information Technology). I've also organized a seminar on Sensor Networks, as well as given basic cryptography lectures to K-12 students. Before that I was a tutor at UC Berkeley's Self Paced Center.


I grew up in Cupertino, California, a city that Apple singlehandedly put on the map. As a result, I've had the pleasure of playing Oregon Trail on an Apple ][. (Remember, you don't need to buy too much food when you can just carry ammunition and hunt for food instead.) In my spare time, I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction, keeping up with the Zeitgeist, and catching up with friends at pearl milk tea shops. I also enjoy one-off outdoor activities when I'm not too tired. Next up on the travel plan: Hawaii, Atlanta, London, Zurich.