Jacek Cyranka http://ww2.ii.uj.edu.pl/~cyranka/img/Jacek_Cyranka.JPG

Jacek Cyranka

postdoc passionate for applied math and computer science

email: jcyranka (you know what) gmail
skype: jdzako
tel: +1 (848) 228 1824
office: 2128, CSE Department
current affiliation:
University of California San Diego, CSE department

Research statement

My up to date research interest include, but are not limited to

  1. Nonconvex (nonsmooth) optimization
  2. Numerical analysis and optimization for artificial intelligence
  3. Deep learning, neural networks, understanding of deep learning
  4. Boolean satisfability problem
  5. Data analysis
  6. Topological data analysis
  7. Persistence homology
  8. Rigorous numerics
  9. Computer assisted proofs for dissipative partial differential equations.
  10. Efficient algorithms dedicated (mostly) for rigorous integration of partial differential equations.
  11. Nonuniqueness in fluid dynamics models
  12. Various algorithms and numerical methods.
  13. Navier-Stokes equations.