Hao Zhuang

Software, Systems and Tools

  1. RWCap: a multi-threaded 3-D floating random walk algorithm based capacitance solver for VLSI Parastic extraction (Implementation using C++, and POSIX pthread) Related Express

    1. RWCap-v1
      Contributors: Hao Zhuang, Chao Zhang, Gang Hu, Kuangya Zhai, Zhi Liu, Ting Dai. Supervisor: Wenjian Yu.

    2. RWCap-v2
      Contributors: Chao Zhang, Hao Zhuang. Supervisor: Wenjian Yu
      Please check Prof. Wenjian Yu's page for the latest updates.

  2. ePlace: a electrostatics based placement using FFT and accelerated gradient method – Nesterov's optimization algorithm.

    1. ePlace-MS: 2D Mixed-Sized Placement (2013-2015)
      Developers: Jingwei Lu, Hao Zhuang. Supervisor: Chung-Kuan Cheng.

    2. ePlace-3D: 3D Global Placement (2014-2015)
      Developers: Jingwei Lu, Hao Zhuang, Ilgweon Kang. Supervisor: Chung-Kuan Cheng.

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