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June 4, 2015

TO: Hao Zhuang

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

FROM: Kim E. Barrett

Dean of the Graduate Division

Dear Mr. Zhuang:

Your advancement to candidacy for the doctoral degree in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been approved effective June 3, 2015. I am pleased to extend the congratulations of the Graduate Division on your progress toward your doctorate.

If your research involves the use of human subjects, you must contact the Human Research Protections Program at (858) 657-5100 for information on the approval process.

The Candidate in Philosophy degree will be awarded at the close of the quarter.

In addition, please find a Doctoral Time Limits and Normative Time Calculation form available through the Graduate Division's Student Portal at Normative time is the standard time period in which students are expected to complete all requirements for the doctoral degree. You should consult with your faculty advisor and plan to complete your program within the normative time period.

Instructions to assist you in meeting final requirements for the doctoral degree are available at: pdf. This manual is a valuable and necessary resource for the successful submission of your dissertation.

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