Hao Zhuang

IEEE-style Biography:

Hao Zhuang (S’11) received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego, CA, USA (UC San Diego) in 2016. Dr. Zhuang is now a software engineer at Google, Mountain View, CA, USA. Before Google, he worked at SYNOPSYS Inc., Mountain View, CA, and ANSYS, Inc., San Jose, CA, where he developed algorithms for VLSI dynamic power network simulation and large-scale circuit analysis and provided the industrial standard of VLSI chip power sign-off. He was also one of the main software developers of RWCap, a parallel program for VLSI capacitance extraction field solver using random walk algorithms. At UC San Diego, he designed the numerical algorithms for large-scale circuit simulation using exponential integration MATEX. Dr. Zhuang was the recipient of Powell Fellowship and Qualcomm Research FMA Fellowship. He is a student member of IEEE, ACM and SIAM. He serves as reviewer for IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS (TCAD), external reviewer for Design Automation Conference (DAC) and International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD).

Graduate Schools:

I got my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of California, San Deigo, CA, USA (UCSD) in 2016 (depth course track - Computer Systems). My graduate research focused on high-performance computing algorithms for EDA and the projects included

  • Numerical algorithms, matrix computation, ordinary differential equantion (ODE) solvers, and stochastic solvers with the applications in

    • The analysis of large-scale nonlinear/linear dynamical systems via exponenital integration. [DAC’15]/[IEEE CASM’16]

    • Fast power grid network simulation via exponenital integrators and its distributed computing paradigm. [DAC’14]

    • Floating random walk algorithms, Monte Carlo sampling, and parallel programming for VLSI network extraction. [IEEE TCAD’13]

    • Physical design in design automation and computer-aided design (EDA/CAD) for building computers and chips. [IEEE TCAD’15]

  • Datapath synthesis, computer architecture, low power design, 3D-ICs (with Qualcomm Research). [ICCCAS’13]

  • Embedded real-time systems and parallel programming language (with UCSD MESL group). [ACM SIGBED Review’17]

Thanks for the support from Charles Lee Powell Foundation and Qualcomm FMA program. Some of the techniques I developed with my colleagues during both my master and PhD research had been commercialized into the industry.


I am a regular donator to UCSF Cancer research, UCSD research, and Wikimedia. I encourage people to support the medical development and the distribution of public knowledge. I believe the technologies play the essential role for the education and society, I am also a user of MIT OpenCourseWare. During the spare time of my PhD study, I helped several projects related to online collaboration and personalized e-learning systems to make education massive and accessible to the world. I have worked with linguists, teachers, and professors, used techniques from natural language processing, computational linguistics, and distributed systems. I also invested edu-tech companies.

I got married to Xiao Liu. She was a national college track and field athlete, and represented China and Peking University for International 2007, 2009 (final 8th place), 2011 Summer Universiade (search using the name “Liu Xiao”). I am a fan of NBA and play basketball games weekly, usually as position 2 on the court.

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