Errata for Algebraic Semantics of Imperative Programs
     Joseph Goguen and Grant Malcolm, MIT Press, 1996.
     ISBN 0-262-07172-X.
  1. page 14, Figure 1.2: The sort labelled Nat should instead be Exp (thanks to Joe Hendrix).
  2. page 30, Definition 14: The expression (T Xi)s should be just (T)s.
  3. page 31: the equation [SM] should end with Y, not X.
  4. page 35: the third equation should end with N, not I.
  5. page 39: the last equation of NATEXPEQ should end with Y, not X.
  6. page 84: the first expression should end with absx, not x.

Suggestions for additions to this list from readers will be greatly appreciated.

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October 2002