Semantic Web Technology and Hype

There is no doubt that the web is a great thing.

And little doubt that XLM is going to be very useful for some applications.

But there is a lot of doubt and confusion about semantics for the web.

  1. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, cgi, Perl, etc. well established and very useful.
  2. XML, DDL, schemas, etc. emerging and promising.
  3. Ontologies are much hyped, but few useful examples exist.
  4. KIF, Ontolingua, Flora, RDF, Owl, etc. are poorly understood and very complex.
  5. Moreover, there are great differences among them!
  6. Workflow and workflow languages (WSDL, etc.) are another promising technology, but are definitely heavyweight.
  7. Intended for long term, stable, heavily used applications, especially e-commerce, i.e., for interconnecting rugged, high volume, stainless steel duct systems.
  8. Very different from the light weight Perl duct tape approach.
More information on some of these topics can be found on the SEEK project page.

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