Multidisciplinary and Multiperspectival Research

This talk will be very informal, since much of the detailed work has not yet been done, although much high level logical and conceptual work has been done.

It may seem like I am contradicting myself at times - but that is the nature of such a research approach.

The following are some points of motivation for the approach to be suggested:

  1. Evolution of computer science from machine oriented, to user oriented, to community oriented;
    parallel to evolution from mainframe, to PC, to LAN, WAN, internet and web.
  2. Failures and Scandals: AI Winter, Fifth Generation, dot com meltdown, Denver airport (delayed 2 years by bad software for the baggage system), and much more.
  3. Most large software systems are either not used or abandoned before completed.
  4. Others have huge cost overruns.
  5. But why? Who are the users?
  6. Ethnography of Technology; Sociology of Science and Technology.
  7. The next step: values, and value-centered design? Potential to unify and extend prior research methods.
  8. Case studies: mathematical notation, DB interfaces, scientific visualization, requirements for small company, air crew communication.

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