Concert/Lecture on Improvisation, Situatedness and Emotion in Music
     A performance by Ryoko Goguen and talk by Joseph Goguen
This is an abstract for an event at Keio Univeristy, Faculty of Literature, Tokyo, 9 December 2003:
Nearly all listeners assign prime importance to subjective aspects of music, such as emotional tone. But many philosophers downplay, ignore, or even deny such aspects of experience. Moreover, traditional philosophies of music try to decontextualize it, or, what is almost as bad, to reify the notion of context. We give musical examples exploring the structure of qualitative experience, showing for example that it is multi-layered, non-compositional, situation dependent, and involves non-linear time. Using improvisation as an example, we show that embodiment and social context are especially important aspects of situatedness. Our examples disconfirm various philosophical theories, and our explanations draw on recent work from cognitive science, including blending, image schemas, and sensory memory.
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