Towards Transparent, Reusable Duct Tape

Are lightweight data integration and analysis tools possible?

What about workflow and workflow languages?

How could this be integrated with database access (virtual views, wrappers, etc.)?

  1. Flow of control needs to be very flexible, and easily changed.
  2. Perl is nice for pattern matching, but not very high level, and not very good for flow.
  3. What about a declarative pattern matching language? How to handle databases and control flow?
  4. Why not encapsulate databases and tools in modules, and provide very high level declarative facilities for module composition? (like ML, but more!)
  5. Need a logic of encapsulation for this.
  6. And probably higher order generic modules, with a very flexible interface and composition sublangauge.
  7. In fact, BOBJ already has all this.
  8. Since written in Java, it is very internet and web friendly.
  9. Also has very powerful parser generation facility, from syntax declarations.
See the data integration webpage for more concrete details of this approach.

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