Pelican, Fish, Button
Performance on 10 August 2002

Pelican, Fish, Button is an opera in progress, with music by Ryoko Amadee Goguen, and libretto by Joseph Amadee Goguen. On 10 August 2002, the first version of the Pelican, Fish, Button Suite was performed at the Geisel Library on the UCSD campus at 1pm. The following materials relating to this performance are available on this website:

The brief description was supposed to be read to the audience, though somehow that didn't happen; however, the libretto and translations of the Japanese passages were passed out to the audience. Nick Cavarallo played drums, Scott Paulson played oboe, and Juliana Snapper sang. The photos were taken by Prof Minoru Harada; Shin Futatsugi was a friend visiting from Japan.
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