Algebraic semiotics might seem to conflict with claim that design is groundless.

But this arises from implicit mathematical Platonism,
   vs. continual groundless social reconstruction of world/meaning.

This reconstruction is Buddhist pratityasamutpada,
literally "dependent arising", translated codependence or coemergence (Dogen Zenji).

Nothing exists by itself, but everything is interdependent; i.e., arises with other things.

Lack of ground follows from coemergence.

Nishitani says much Western history is progressive doubt of absolutes;
he identifies two extreme responses:

  1. nihilism, absolute relativity, denial of any meaning;
  2. absolutism, denial of the questioning.
Absolutism can be dogmatism, fundamentalism, or extreme reductionism.

Our use of mathematical formalisms is pragmatic, agile, flexible, and adaptive, not absolute, rigid, and reductionist, but far from arbitrary.

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