Outline of method:

  1. determine values, e.g., by extracting evaluative material from narratives, based on Labov's structural theory of narrative.
  2. use them to determine key situated abstract data types (artificts with affordances);
  3. express these as semiotic systems,
  4. implement them, and
  5. define semiotic morphisms for user interfaces.
  6. Examine natural situations, not what users say they might do.
  7. Involve stakeholders in all processes as feasible, and
  8. use iterative development throughout.
E.g., components could be procured in partnership with manufacturers; and
end users could be supported in customizing applications, or programming their own.

Hope this can yield systems that better satisfy users, managers & other stakeholders,
    and are ethically produced & used, enhance society as whole.

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