Germanic Summer Haibun

Habit, emotion sleepwalk the world, yet time stop moments bright mind flash.

First Departure Doesn't

morning repack, wrong counter
     6:30 fail for 7
rebook, confusion

Berlin Zoo Bahnhoff

punk tourists, homeless,
     trams, cheapfood
long lines, sex museums

Wien Karlsplatz

angry muzzled dogs & tatooed keepers
     star composer floor, frozen sushi
student & tourist clumps in
     dim urine hallways

Wien Baldessori

             concept not
         only art
     nor word
     even game
         public, mix

Berlin Kurfurstendam

fire eating jugglers
     re-membered church
construction echos
     burning blue glass blocks

Ryoko at Kassel

a capella drinking song
     philosophy of mathematics cantata
conceptual structures applause

JFK Delta Airport Lounge

summer frocks in bellybutton
     muzak cafe
new accent waves melting old NY pot

SAN Arrivals

skywalk late night view
     bee swarm round
luggage rotation

Joseph Goguen
22 June to 24 July 2005

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