Stage Directions for Toy Piano Concerto by Ryoko Amadee Goguen

The piece can obviously be performed in a variety of ways, but for maximum effect with minimum effort, the following is recommended:

Use two toy pianos and two performers, one for the left hand part of the score, and one for the right. The right hand part is the solist, and that piano should have a sharper, brighter sound. The left hand part is the "orchestra". The conductor is optional but highly recommended.

There should be no smiling during the performance!

The three sections are "movements" and should be separated by short pauses, with the second movement slower and more lyrical.

The presentation should be in the most rigorous classical style, slightly exaggerated:

  1. Performers should enter with stiff formal bows (or curtsies), followed by the conductor, who should also bow stiffly to the audience.
  2. After the performance, the conductor and soloist should briskly leave the stage, to the applause of the orchestra and audience.
  3. They should then return, bow to the audience, ask the orchestra to rise and accept applause, hug each other, leave again, etc. ad libitum.
  4. Repeat 3. as required; repeat first movement as encore if required.
Males should wear formal black tuxedo, preferably with tails, females should wear black formal gown with pearls. Demeanor very stiff and formal. No smiles! Conductor should wear white tie and gloves if possible.

Although the staging is very formal, the performance should be flowing but precise - very classical, but lyrical, not stiff.

By Joseph Goguen
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