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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 01:50:23 +0200 (CEST)
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Subject: CfP Int. WS on Autonomic Computing Principles and Architectures, 
  Banff, Canada, Aug. 21- 24
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                 International Workshop on
  Autonomic Computing Principles and Architectures    


Organized and Co-Chaired by
Huaglory Tianfield, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
Rainer Unland, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

                      As part of
   IEEE Int. Conf. on Industrial Informatics INDIN'03
     August 21-24, 2003, Banff, Alberta, CANADA 

Submission to the Workshop-Organizers:	H. Tianfield / R. Unland
* Deadline for Submission of Full Papers  June 2, 2003
* Notification of Acceptance	June 16, 2003
* Deadline for Submission of Final Manuscripts	July 7, 2003

Call for Papers
Objectives: Recently, IBM research introduced
autonomic computing as their vision of the soft- and
hardware environment of the future. Inspired by the
functioning of the human nervous system their vision
is to design and build computing systems that function
like it, namely autonomic. An autonomic system is a
self-reliable, autonomous and ubiquitous computing
environment that completely hides its complexity,
thus, providing the user with an interface that
exactly meets her/his needs. The system decides on its
own what needs to be done to remain stable. It will
constantly check and optimize its status, and
automatically adapt itself-to changing conditions.

Topics of interest

(1) The self-X principles and mechanisms of autonomic computing 
* Self-governing	
* Self-management	
* Self-diagnosis of faults
* Self-adaptation	
* Self-optimization	
* Self-protection
* Self-organization	
* Self-configuration	
* Self-healing/recovery

(2) Knowledge engineering and management in autonomic computing
* Knowledge heterogeneity and intensity 	
* Multiple granularity of knowledge 
* Knowledge acquisition, representation, and utilization	
* Artificial intelligence techniques

(3) Engineering principles of autonomic computing
* Intelligent / autonomous robotics 	
* Feedback control	
* Cybernetics 

(4) Architectures for autonomic computing
* Hierarchy 	
* Heterarchy 	
* Decentralization 	
* Holon
* Intelligent agents	
* Multi-agent systems 	
* Autonomic GRID 	
* Autonomic internet
* Multi-agent problem solving process and architectures 	
* Autonomic systems architecture
* Autonomic database management system

(5) Autonomic computing in social, economic and technical applications
* Autonomic information systems for e-government,
  e-medicine, e-commerce
* Autonomic urban traffic systems 	
* Autonomic manufacturing systems
* Autonomic office / residential building systems
* Autonomic industrial process systems

The workshop will put strong emphasis on the active
exchange of concepts and technologies between academia
and industry. Therefore, besides research papers, we
strongly encourage submissions from industry. Research
papers should not exceed 6000 characters (10 pages),
papers from industry 3000 pages (up to 5 pages).

All papers will be published in the workshop
proceedings. After the workshop, the best papers will
be invited to be fully expanded for consideration for
publication in a special issue on a prestigious
international journal.

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