CSE 271: User Interface Design: Social and Technical Issues
  1. The class notes are not a substitute for the assigned readings. They are often meant to supplement or correct the readings, and sometimes they are just what I felt like writing at the time, rather than what is most important. Also, please note that the lectures and the readings other than the text are often more important than the text.
  2. To read gziped postscript files, you must first extract the postscript from the gzipped file. On Windows machines, this may be too arcane for the Winzip Wizard, but Power Archiver should work; on Apple machines, the Stuffit Expander should work. For viewing and printing postscript, use GSView or Ghostview; these can be downloaded from the net, although they may be complex to install. CSE Unix machines already have gunzip and ghostview, and older versions of Netscape call them automatically.

  1. Due 3 April:Although theoretically this material should have been read before the second class meeting, it is acceptable to have read it before the third meeting.
  2. Due 10 April: 
  3. Due 17 April:
  • Due 24 April:  
  • Due 1 May: This may look like a lot, but each item is relatively short.
  • Due 8 May:  
  • Due 15 May: The last two will help you see what is currently going on in cognitive linguistics.
  • Due 22 May:  
  • Due 29 May:  
  • Due 5 June:
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