CSE 271: User Interface Design: Social and Technical Issues
UCSD Wireless Questionaire

It is interesting to consider the email below in the light of the guidelines for questionaires and general background, e.g., CSCW, studied in this course.

Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 21:07:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Robert BOYER 
To: csepeople@cs.ucsd.edu
Subject: Wireless Application Student Survey for Roamer/Findme

We are planning to develope what we call Location Based
Services (as part of CSE210 and for the campus Active
Web Project) for the purpose of improving your college
experience and making life on campus more convenient.

If you could please take a few minutes to help us identify
things that would be useful to you in such a product
we would appreciate your input.  (Please consider the
questions both in the context of present capability and
for future generations of students.)

We think these are the basic uses:
- Roamer: as you roam about campus, your wireless device
(a laptop PDA such as a Palm Pilot or iPaq) would
determine your location and provide information
about places or events that are or will occur near
your location.
- Findme: you and your collegues report your position
to a central database so that your PDA can help you
be found by one another.
- Your great idea here_______________

Self-description (please mark all that apply):
A. Student     B. Staff   C. Faculty   D. Visitor
Age:  <= 20   21-25   26-35   36-45   46-55   55+
Tech Savvy:  Excellent  Good  Medium  Literate  Adverse
Major:  CS/CSE      Any-Engineering    Medical
        Cog-Sci     Humanities         NA

Location Based Services - Uses:

1. If you had a PDA and these location based services,
how do you think you might use them.  (Circle all that
A. Locate friends for lunch
B. Locate friends to study
C. Locate friends to party
D. Locate Campus Buses
E. Locate Parking Availability
F. Learn about places on campus
G. Learn about events on campus
	G1. Arts
	G2. Cultural
	G3. Sports
	G4. Speakers / Presentations
	G5. Special Interest Groups
	G6. Industry (eg Job Fairs)
H. Other: ________

2. How many unrequested news messages do you think would
be the right amount for you?  How many is too much?

3. How many unrequested advertisements do you think would
be the right amount for you?  How many is too much?

4. If a map were presented, how much area do you think
you would want to see on the screen at one time?
A. A few buildings worth
B. A dozen buildings worth
C. An entire college
D. The entire university
E. No opinion

5. If the information is "location based," how far from
your position would you want the system to search for
useful information?
 10 yards
 50 yards
1/4 mile
  1 mile
 No opinion

6. How accurate do you think the system would have to
be to be useful?
  within 1 yard
  within 5 yards
  within 25 yards
  within 100 yards
  No opinion
  within 1 foot
  within 1 yard
  within 5 yards
  within 25 yards
  No opinion

7. What kind of information would cause you to stop
what you are doing and go investigate?

8. Would you like the ability to keep track of things
to come back to or be reminded of later?

9. One of the ideas of this system is to help you learn
what you didn't even know to ask about.  What things or
ideas do you know about that might be little known to
others that we should be sure to include?

Location Based Services - Features:

1. What one or two features are an absolute necessity
   for location based services?

2. What one or two features do you think would be
   really great to have in a location based service?

3. If you were an unscrupulous advertiser, how would
   you attempt to subvert the intent of the system?

Technology to Enhance Your College Experience:

1. What would you have technology do for you
   that would enhance your college experience?

2. What is your opinion of having laptops and PDAs
   in the classroom?

Further Feedback:

1. Do you have any other comments on the idea of
location based services?

2. What one question was not asked on this survey
that should have been asked?

3. Would you be willing to be a beta-tester and
provide usage feedback?  If so, please write your
contact e-mail address.

4. Would you be interested in participating further
in our design process?  If so, please write your
contact e-mail address.

5. Would you be interested in related activities?
If so, please write your contact e-mail address.

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