First Homework Assignment for CSE 270
Assigned 1 October, due 8 October.
  1. The following appears on page 16 of Object Magazine, vol. 6, no. 8 (October 1996):
    "A survey conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology says a majority of respondents will do some Java programming. While only 17% of the 32,000 respondents have used Java so far, 58% plan to do so. Interestingly, only 15% said Java would revolutionize the Web, though most acknowledged that it had some value. Respondents were self-selected and included workers in computer fields, students, educators, and managers."
    What should we be cautious about here? What can we conclude? Why?
  2. Find two statistical claims in fairly recent newspapers or magazines, and analyze their plausibility (see 1. above). Choose something related to manufacturing if you can. Choose something dubious if you can. Be careful and precise. Hint: USA Today publishes some petty gratutious looking statistics.
  3. Do Problem 10. on page 17 of Devore; also answer parts b.-e. from Problem 9. applied to the data of Problem 10 (call these e.-h.); and finally, (i.) draw a blob diagram, (j.) a box-and-whisker diagram, and (k.) a digidot diagram (for a total of 11 parts on this data).

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1 October 1996.