CSE 230: Principles of Programming Languages
Reading Assignments

The notes on readings are now broken down by book and by chapter, instead of being in one huge file, and there is a notes index page with links to each individual page of notes. You can still go to the old large file if you want to look at notes on future readings.

Notes: Assignments will normally be posted before the Monday of the week when they are due, on that Thursday. Be sure to reload this page frequently, because sometimes it may be updated frequently! Readings for more than 5 days in advance are subject to change.
  1. Due 10 January:
  2. Due 17 January:
  3. Due 24 January:
  4. Due 31 January:
  5. Due 5 February:
  6. Due 12 February:
  7. Due 19 February:
  8. Due 26 February:
  9. Due 5 March:
  10. Due 12 March:

Some basics on using BinProlog 4.00 are at pl/binpro.html, which has a link to the BinProlog 4.00 manual.
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