CSE 218B
Winter 2006
Topics in Software Engineering


On 22 Feb, please be prepared to present a proposal for your final paper; we will discuss it and try to help you.

We will meet in CSE 3109 from now on (instead of HSS 2152).

See the Integrity of Scholarship Agreement, by Scott Baden, and the policies on Plagariasm in UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship (sorry, it's in MS Word). You are expected to abide by these rules; failure to do so can have very serious consequences.

Synopsis for the Course

We will discuss participants' experience with building software systems, and principles for building systems that meet user needs, including iterative programming, test-driven programming, value-driven design, and algebraic specification. We will read from the book by Fiadeiro, hoping to get to software architecture.

An undergraduate software engineering class is not required, but general sophistication in software construction is a prerequisite. This may come from previous software project courses, industry experience, or a previous software engineering course.

You will be required to give a short talk and write a short paper reporting your experience with some software engineering project, if you have such experience, or two report on some relevant papers if not (or if you prefer). Your choice of topic must be approved by the instructor before you begin work on the talk and paper. Meetings will be very informal, and informal participation in discussion will be required.

Wednesday 6:00 to 8:50, CSE 3109.

Some Recommended Books
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