CSE 20 Discrete Mathematics

Viewing/Printing PostScript


Usually you should be able to display a PS-file using the command
gv <filename>
ghostview <filename>
If you have access to a printer which is capable of printig PS,
lpr [-P<printer-name>] <filename>
should print the document. Note: If the printer is not the standard-printer in your system, you have to specify its name with the -P option. Most of the more-expensive printers are able to print PS.


To view PS-files on your computer (and print them with a non-PS-printer) you need to have the Ghostscript / GSview -package installed on your system. For more information click on the links. See http://www.wavelet.org/who/wim/ghost/ for details on what to download (you can also download the package from the GSview Home Page).


See http://www.glyphic.com/free/macgs.html for the Macintosh port of Ghostscript.

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