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Changes in the grading policy

As the scores for the quizzes #2 and #3 are lost due to disk failure, those quizzes are counted as 100 points for everybody. No other changes are made. You can still drop your lowest quiz score, as desribed in the general information section.
There are some good reasons for the procedure that we followed.  The only complaints that we have heard have been from those who did well on the quizzes, so this addresses their concerns.  Of course, similar arguments apply to everyone.
  1. Asking people to bring in their quizes so we can record the grades again is really encouraging them to cheat; we have already seen some instances of this; of course, that will hurt those who did well.
  2. It would make very little difference for those who did well, because almost everyone did well.  The average on the third quiz was almost 80 and on the second was in the mid 90s.  I've calculated this out and in terms of the total points in the class, it could not make more than about a 1% difference, and most likely it would be less.
  3. It will be a lot of hassle, both for you and for us, with some chance of other things going wrong in the middle of a complex process.
(The quiz/midterm grade will consist to 40% of the score on the midterms, and to 60% of the score on the quizzes. )

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Last Updated: May 28, 1998